Sustainable manufacturing with Smart Factory

Smart Factory is a platform that promotes sustainable production processes through the ESG pillars (Environmental, Social, and –corporate- Governance).
How does Smart Factory help you achieve these sustainability goals?
“Currently, manufacturing processes use approximately one third of the world’s energy”.
Source: Forbes


Raw materials
Manage environmentally responsible raw materials.
Avoid pollutant emissions from your production lines through predictive maintenance of machinery.
Monitor your shop floor to ensure quality in production processes.
Effectively manage the use of resources (energy, water supply, electricity).
Make your operation’s processes transparent to the entire company.
Promote constant training of your employees.
Ensure compliance with industry and country standards through documented processes and quality inspections.
Process Monitoring
Reduce manufacturing waste through effective inventory, shop floor and process monitoring.

Why go for sustainable manufacturing?

Reduction of raw material costs, services, waste treatment and machinery maintenance.
Prevention of accidents in the production plant and illnesses caused by contaminants.
Reuse of materials.
Strengthening the prestige of your brand in the eyes of your customers.
Quality and corporate responsibility certifications.
Avoid fines for non-compliance with environmental laws.