Smart Factory Data Sheet

Data Sheet

  • Define the different process variables per machine/tool
  • Calendar and planned activities per machine/tool
  • Assets Shifts
  • Shop floor layout, showing the status of each machine
  • Live dashboard showing the status of the machine, order progress, process variables, machine status
  • Machine status showing the detailed status of the machine
  • Shop Floor summary
  • Employee dashboard
  • Work order instructions, Inspections according to S.O.P.
  • Manual, automatic material issue, product receive
  • Manual, automatic downtime
  • Employee record
  • Employee attendance (check-in/Check-out)
  • Employee shifts
  • Employee skill matrix
  • Company calendar

Bidirectional integration with ERP to get BoM, Routing, machines, work centers, stock, Option to connect to the list of devices listed in the supported device section

  • Schedule over Primary Resources with Finite Capacity (Typically Machines and Production Lines).
  • Schedule over Secondary Resources with Finite Capacity (Typically Labor and Tooling).
  • Secondary Constraint on Operation Level.
  • Schedule respects constraints of Material Arrivals or Shortages
  • Every routing operation defines process time as “Resource Specific Time per Item” or “Resource Specific Time per Batch.”
  • Every alternative resource can have its specific process time related to the same operation.
  • Every alternative resource can have its specific setup me related to the same operation.
  • Transfer of quantity to the next operation before the conclusion of the current one.
  • The schedule allows parallel operations.
  • A queue of pegging material oriented for FIFO
  • Ignore shortages only all at once
  • Quanty relationship –> Any quantity can be linked between Supply/Production and Consumption.

The relationship between Raw Materials, Work Orders, and Sales Orders can be highlighted on the Gantt Chart.

  • Manual Scheduling
  • Backward by Due Date
  • Backward by Priority
  • Forwards by Due Date
  • Forwards by Priority
  • Bidirectional by Due Date
  • Bidirectional by Priority
  • Supply Order Status
  • Internal Order Link Status
  • Schedule Work Order List by Resource