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Chemical manufacturing is the foundation of all other manufacturing activities, providing raw materials for various products across industries. It is an energy-intensive, costly sector with a high carbon footprint. However, chemical companies are constantly seeking new formulas for materials that meet their customers’ needs while reducing carbon output, such as bioplastics.
To tackle climate change, chemical manufacturers must embrace the challenges and opportunities to reduce their carbon footprint and increase efficiency. Manufacturing nations with strong and competitive chemical and chemistry-using industries are well placed to seize these opportunities.
Smart Factory offers a comprehensive solution that helps chemical manufacturers stay updated with the latest technological innovations and reduce costs while contributing to a sustainable future.

Industry Challenges

Compliance with safety and environmental regulations

Job Shop manufacturing involves producing customized products, which makes it challenging to accurately predict how long a job will take to complete. This can lead to delays and longer lead times, which can negatively impact the overall efficiency and planning of the business.
Chemical Management Software
Chemical Tracking Software

Quality control and defective products

Poor quality control can lead to defective products, safety hazards, and loss of customer trust. It is essential to implement effective tracking and monitoring of production processes, from raw materials to finished products.
Chemical Tracking Software

Manual processes and production downtime

Manual processes can slow down production, and equipment breakdowns can cause production downtime, leading to lost revenue and decreased productivity. Automation and proactive maintenance strategies are needed to minimize equipment breakdowns and reduce production downtime.
Chemical Production Software
Chemical Inventory Software

Inventory management

Inaccurate inventory records can lead to overstocking or stockouts, and challenges in storage and handling requirements for different chemicals. Real-time inventory tracking and optimization can help chemical manufacturers reduce inventory costs and minimize inventory-related challenges.
Chemical Inventory Software

Smart Factory Solution

Production Planning and Execution

Production Execution

Production Quality and Efficiency

Production Quality and Efficiency

Continuous Improvement and Overall Performance

Continuous Improvement and Overall Performance

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