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    production plans

    Creation of production plans from actual data: working capacity, inventory availability, machine performance and demand history.

    Visualization of current workload

    Visualization of current workload, agile reaction to unexpected events and simulation of “what if” scenarios.

    Dynamic sequencing of activities

    Dynamic sequencing of activities according to delivery dates (graphical tool with manual or automatic scheduling capabilities)..

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    Reduce planning and scheduling

    Reduce planning and scheduling times from days to hours.

    Reduce WIP and stocking times

    Reduce WIP and stocking times and save on storage costs.

    Dramatically improve your on-time delivery and customer service

    Dramatically improve your on-time delivery and customer service.

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    Opcenter APS is the world’s most widely deployed software for advanced planning and scheduling of production activities. Get to know its functionalities and create a controlled and predictive production environment.

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      Success story

      Martell, the world’s leading cognac producer, uses Opcenter APS for scheduling and planning production activities in its global operation.

      Martell Botella Cognac

      How has Opcenter APS helped Martell?

      12% increase in productivity

      12% increase in productivity.

      Dramatically improve your on-time delivery and customer service

      Reduction of displacements from storage sites.

      Automatic report generation.

      Automatic report generation.

      Decrease in late deliveries

      Decrease in late deliveries.

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      Opcenter APS numbers


      Average 80% improvement in on-time delivery.


      Reduction in stock and WIP.


      Increase in plant productivity.

      Source: Siemens survey of Opcenter APS users.

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      See the return on investment of Opcenter APS in months and reap benefits for your daily operation: long-term decision support, production load balancing, agile scheduling, ability to respond quickly to changes in demand, and much more.

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